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Adam now offers online guitar and bass lessons tailored to fit the needs of every student. After nearly 15 years of experience teaching one-on-one music lessons and band mentoring, along with 25+ years of experience writing, arranging, recording albums and movie soundtracks, and performing with a variety of bands and musical groups from metal to country, Adam has discovered that the best way to unlock a student's potential is to provide an experience that matches the unique learning style of each individual. 


His focus will be to help you achieve your goals by building a solid foundation in theory and mechanics. Whether those goals are to read music notation or tablature, or simply to learn to play chords, he has you covered. If your wish is to expand your current knowledge, fill in the missing pieces, or if you want to develop an understanding of your instrument that will allow you to write the music you have always dreamed about, he has that covered as well! 

If you are interested in  scheduling lessons, please fill out the contact form and provide a short description of what you are looking for.  After we make contact we can set up a free consultation to get you started and discuss scheduling. 




$160 per month (30 minute weekly lesson - 12 month term)

$260 per month (60 minute weekly lesson - 12 month term)

$75 per hour (drop-in lessons - schedule as you go)

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